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About Us

Born in Peru and graduated from Marketing studies, Eva Luz started her professional career as a Student Counsellor in 2004 working for a prestigious agency in Lima. In 2006, she was given the opportunity to come to Australia for the first time when she visited some of the most reputable Universities along with some other education providers. She was also trained by the staff of PIER Brisbane and got to know many Australian cities and their lifestyle. Back in Lima, she acquired her PIER accreditation in 2008 and continued her successful career. In 2010, Eva Luz decided to go to Brisbane and Sydney as an International Student as she wanted to experience this journey by herself. In 2011, she made the decision to migrate to Australia and obtained the Australian Citizenship in 2016. In 2020, she took the next step in her career by establishing ELG Education Agency, putting her heart and her soul to assist students from all over the world, providing services based on ethics, knowledge, experience and Australian standards.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values


A social responsible business that inspires international students to be the best in the world through education.


To facilitate the opportunity to attain an excellent education, integrated with the Australian culture to drive a new generation of professionals based on growth, development and productivity.


At ELG Education Agency, our core values are integrity, trust, empathy, passion and accountability.

Our Services

ELG Education Agency offers a full and be spoke service to International students worldwide. Eva Luz experience of over 15 years within the Australian International Education Industry equips her with a vast knowledge to assist students with their research, application and enrolment in all type of CRICOS registered programs. She also provides a personalised and professional service in the assessment, lodgement and follow up of student visa applications before the Department of Home Affairs as this is her area of expertise.

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The History of Australia

Images thanks to Tourism Australia.

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Australia's Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the Australian continent, arrived at least 60,000 years ago.
Parts of the continent were mapped by Dutch navigators in the 17th century and by French and British navigators the following century, but it was not until 1770 that Captain James Cook charted the east coast and claimed it for Great Britain.
From 1788, Britain established penal colonies in New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. Free settlers followed in increasing numbers, gradually outnumbering convicts. A colony made up entirely of free settlers was established in South Australia in the 1830s.
Queensland and Victoria separated from New South Wales in the 1850s, by which time gold had been discovered in New South Wales and Victoria. The gold rush brought immigrants to Australia from all over the world.
In 1901, the six colonies united to form the federal Commonwealth of Australia.

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Australia is known for its diverse and welcoming people, there are so many reasons to consider studying in Australia.
When you study in Australia, you have the opportunity to pursue an outstanding education from leading institutions. Australia's extraordinary heritage of innovation means your potential for success is boundless.
Once you've completed your course, you have some decisions to make, whether you stay in Australia or return home.
Studying in Australia is a fantastic way to further your education and boost your career prospects.

Australia as the best study destination

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Australia has produced some of the most world-changing innovations like Google maps, polymer bank notes, the pacemaker, black box flight recorder, Wifi and so much more.

Source: AUSTRADE 2023